Fresh fish sustainably shipped.

Responsibly-sourced seafood delivered in eco-friendly boxes.

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Fresh for Autumn.

All eyes on the new sea-son.

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Fresh fish from the Port of Grimsby shipped to your door

Nutrient-rich, fresh fish delivered straight to you. All of our responsibly-sourced, top quality seafood is carefully packaged in waste-conscious boxes that are completely recyclable and reusable. And, we deliver all across the UK.

The essential box

Filleted portions of all your favourite fish in one box.

The family box

A variety of the freshest, nutrient-rich seafood for hungry families.

Cast your own net

Choose the fish you want in your very own bespoke box. 

Eat more fish

Fish is a brilliant natural source of high-quality protein, Omega-3 and all kinds of vitamins and minerals. It’s why we should be eating two portions a week – at least.



Vitamins and Minerals

Who's the Captain at home?

Try our VIP Captains box packed with top quality seafood.

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Great-tasting, sustainable fish

Always fresh, never frozen

Recyclable and reusable packaging

Shipped to your door