Well here goes my first attempt at writing a blog…

Feel free to throw rotten fruit at me if it’s rubbish (I can take it, honestly).

The first two and a half years of running Ish Fish have been interesting, to say the least.

From the start, Joel and I wanted to do things differently and I know people starting a business say that a lot but for us, it was a must. Go down any street on the Grimsby Dock and you’ll see the number of polystyrene boxes getting loaded up and driven all around the country. This was never going to be an option at Ish Fish as I’ve seen them floating around every ocean I’ve ever sailed in. Also, who the hell wants one of those on your doorstep?

Going 100% recyclable was the only way for us both, which believe me caused a few groans among certain people as they said we would never be able to make any money with all the extra expense. To be honest, they might have been right up until March this year. March, April and May still seem a blur; we struggled to cope with the demand nevertheless, we saw growth like we knew we could have but maybe not until year 6 or 7.

You learn so much about yourself and your business during times like the Covid-19 pandemic, and I would say Ish Fish is in a lot better place now because of lessons learnt in those first few crazy months. However, one thing I wanted to change was our tag line…Boat to Box. I feel like it’s a bit overdrawn and every time another company pops up, its boat to throat or some other rhyming slang!

Whilst reading a book at the weekend, a quote that stood out stated “Lamborghini doesn’t sell cars, it sells status” and it got me thinking – What does Ish Fish sell? I know you’re going to say fish, but we sell A BETTER WAY TO LIVE – here’s why:

  • Our commitment to using 100% recyclable packaging
  • Only using MSC certified fish, keeping stocks plentiful
  • Helping and promoting healthy recipes for the nutrient-packed fresh fish
  • Our new eco-friendly building which is only weeks away from being ready

Our hope now is that other companies follow our lead to benefit both customers and the environment.

Once again, thank you for all those who have put their faith in us and share our ethos.

More big news coming soon, so I’ll stop my waffling.

Carpe Diem,