Have you ever wondered how we spend our time?

In my opinion, knowing the companies you are buying from will become bigger and bigger over the next few years as the high street disappears and the social interaction is lost on a one to one basis. Although this is sad news, the world just seems to be spinning this way. This is something we slightly saw coming when we started Ish Fish, and being an online platform. But all is not lost, over the past year I’ve felt pretty close to a lot of our customers! Even though we have never personally met, I’d like to think I could sit down and have a cup of tea, (or beer or wine) with any one of them. 

So, I feel like giving you a bit more of an insight into the day to day life at Ish Fish will hopefully give you more of a connection with the small team we have.

I hope you find it interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to get your fresh fish to your door.

5.30 AM: The first job of the day is picking the fish up and checking over the quality – always making sure we are satisfied with the freshness and size (Joel and Richy take this important job).

6.00 AM: We unload the fish and once this is done, we pop the kettle on for a quick chat about the day ahead and what we have to achieve.

6.20 AM: We begin vacuum packing the fish and sealing in all the goodness that fresh fish brings. This is the stage when Richy plays his terrible music: Indie, Indie and more Indie! It keeps him happy though, so we let it slide ha.

8.00 AM: Rebecca (AKA Chimpy), arrives at the office and starts to book all the transport for the busy day ahead.

9.00 AM: A little get together in the boardroom looking at what and how we can do things better! We don’t aim to change the world in these meetings, just to get 1% better each week we feel is the key. These meetings have been invaluable in the last week and pushed us to new heights.

9.30 AM: We start packing the boxes with our 100% recyclable packaging. Having sailed around the world for the last 20 years, this was a massive part of starting Ish Fish and changing the way fish was sent around the UK. As with any good chemistry, we spend most of the morning laughing and as the old saying goes, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius.

1.00 PM: Boxes all packed and awaiting the pick up. We go upstairs and into the office to catch up on emails, social media and finally get away from Richy’s music! It’s Country music in the office, which Becky hates!!

5.00 PM: Time to head home and tomorrow we start the process again.

I feel like we have a small, but great team that’s all pointing in the right direction – with the same goals and a massive part of this, is the great customers we have onboard.

As we grow more everyday at Ish Fish, things are always changing and we have massive plans for this little Grimsby company.

Once again thank you for using Ish Fish and following our journey.

Carpe Diem,