A Guide to Fish Portion Sizes

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Fish

We get asked all kinds of questions at Ish Fish HQ. “Does the season of fish affect quality?”, “What’s the latest you can order for next day delivery?”, “How many legs has an octopus got?” (Thanks Shane on Facebook, for that one.)

But there’s always one in particular that seems to come back to us… “How do I know how much fish to order?”

We know we’re supposed to have two portions of seafood a week, but the fact is many people aren’t. One reason is the confusion around seafood portion sizes. What’s the difference between fillets and steaks? How many portions will a fish pie mix make?

So, to answer your questions, Joel has shared his guide to fish portion sizes. Joel’s family have worked with seafood for generations, and fish has always been on the table at mealtimes, so you know he knows his stuff.

What’s the difference between a fish fillet, steak, and portion?

Let’s start with a fillet. Fillets are the whole side of the fish, the meaty flesh cut along the spine to separate it from the bone. For example, your haddock from the chippy – that’s a fillet. When you see a ‘side of salmon’, such as what’s in our Cast Your Own Net box, that’s basically a salmon fillet.

Then you have your steaks. Usually, it’s larger fish that are cut into steaks, such as swordfish or tuna. Rather than being sliced alongside the spine, a steak is cut vertically, and then the bones are removed. So, what you’re left with is a thick, meaty piece of fish that’s great for grilling or pan-frying.

When it comes to whole fish, you can choose from the likes of Dover sole and mackerel. These will be gutted and scaled, so it’s super easy to fill the fish with herbs and roast in the oven. Because the fish is still intact on the bone, it’s packed full of authentic flavour.

Then, there’s the specials; the specific cuts of fish like monkfish tails, cod cheeks, or cod tongues. These have been carefully prepared so there’s minimal fuss at home.


How many portions can you make from a fish fillet?

Typically, you can cut a fillet into two or three portions, but it all depends on the species, size, and weight of the fish. So, if you order a sea bass fillet, you could make two portions – ideal for a meal for two or for prepping midweek lunches. With a large haddock fillet, you could easily cook your fish so that it makes three or four good-size portions. That’s your family dinner sorted.

Your fillets will arrive in one piece, so you can chop it up however you like!

Fish pie mix is packed with salmon, white fish, and smoked fish and from this, you can make a decent-sized pie of four to six portions – depending on the number of potatoes, greens, and cheese you use.


Ish Fish Guide to portions

When you’re checking out Deckhand, Bosun, First Mate and Captain boxes in our shop, we offer a quick guide to portion sizes just under the product descriptions to help you plan your meals.

If you ever have any questions about preparing and cooking your fish, just let us know. We’re always happy to help.