I don’t know about you but often nowadays, I like to learn more about the companies I am buying from and even more about the people involved within the business. I always believe that ‘people buy from people’ and at Ish Fish, we try to endeavour in the personal touch.

With that being said, I’ll give you a brief insight on how a boy from Grimsby who had been on the odd fishing boat ended up having a career as a professional yachtsman for the last 22 years.

Like most good things in my life, it all started with my passion for fitness and training in amateur boxing and semi-professional football however, I just wasn’t good enough to turn pro in both sports. Nevertheless, the training carried on and I headed to Ford Lauderdale, Florida to spend a winter there. Whilst out running over a bridge, I caught the eye of a captain running a large sailing boat and thought nothing of it. Later that evening, in a bar, he approached me and asked if I was ‘the idiot running in 90 degrees mid-day heat’. Ha. After a few cold Budweiser’s, he asked if I could help him move some sailing the next day and of course I jumped at the chance! I spent the subsequent week lifting and pulling ropes and washing down the decks, I loved every minute of it. On my last day, the captain asked if I would like to join them in taking the boat back to the south of France the next day, I said yes and turned up in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (oblivious to the fact it was 4867 miles and three weeks at sea!). The first night crossing the gulf stream was eye-opening, and the shorts and t-shirt certainly were not cutting it as we headed further north.

Moving on, it was a fantastic trip and I learned so much in such a short period of time. Once in St Tropez, I helped the boat get ready for a race called Le Voiles de St Tropez which was a significant event in the sailing world. Luck would have it, someone dropped out with a chance for me to take his place! We had such a great week with the crew, guests and the odd Rockstar. The owner said if he bought a state-of-the-art carbon fibre racing boat, I would be one of the grinders on it (Thanks Charles).

The rest is as they say, history. The boat went on to win some of the world’s biggest races. From there, after meeting some fantastic sailors and now lifetime friends, I went on to sail in nearly every ocean. I competed at the highest level of the sport and met some of the world’s most extraordinary business people and leaders, Kings and Queens… Not bad for a run over a bridge one afternoon, eh!

Spending a lot of time sailing has given me a greater perspective on the world’s oceans, how damaging plastic has been and why Ish Fish lead the way in recyclable packaging.

I hope I haven’t rattled on too much and you all have a great week!

Fair Winds,