As we start the next round of lockdown and once again people get stuck in their homes, hopefully for the last time, let’s start a conversation on our favourite things.

Instead of writing a blog on how good our fish is (you already know), I thought it would add a bit more value if we changed the script to speak and focus on what we can all do during this down time.

So, I’m writing out a list of my favourite books, podcasts, training, recipes and travel destinations. My aim is for you to do the same and we can all share them together this month and hopefully spin all these negatives into positives.

Here we go!


Into thin air

By Jon Krakauer. This book made me go to Everest but I never made the top. Get it here.


It has to be the Ish Fish Cod and Chorizo… Amazing!!

Health and Wellbeing

From runs on our amazing beach (Cleethorpes) to sailing around the world, maintaining fitness and keeping healthy is a massive part of my life – and also Ish Fish!
Rebecca is a black belt in Karate, Joel can do the splits, (ha!) and Richie has just learnt how to ride a bike. What a team! I’m always happy to help if anyone is in need of some training plans.


I really enjoy Joe Rogan and Naval Ravikant. They both talk about a variety of subjects and are both very powerful thinkers. You can find them both on Apple Podcast.


One day, hopefully soon – Thailand is still one of my favourite places; with the food and the people it never fails. The amazing Island of Ko Samui is a must!

That’s mine, let’s hear from you guys through email or social media and hopefully this month will be full of new beginnings.

Small pebbles make big ripples. 

Speak soon,

Garry Bainbridge