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How to Grill Fish on the Barbeque

Grilling fish on the barbeque adds a whole new depth of flavour to your seafood. Not only does your fish achieve a rich, smoky flavour, but the textures are incredible – light, flaky flesh with a crispy skin. It’s our favourite way to eat fish in the summer months. So...

Fish the Kids will Love this Summer

What are you doing for the kids’ meal tonight? During the school summer holidays, when you have lots of days out and fun activities planned, reaching for the treats can seem like the easiest option. But this could be the perfect time to get the family experimenting in...

What is the most popular fish to eat in the UK?

We know there are LOT of seafood lovers out there. People who enjoy a seared tuna salad for lunch followed by a hearty herb-crusted salmon for dinner with the family. Joel and I love hearing about the Ish Fish meals you're cooking up, but we were curious... what is...

Stop Food Waste – Eat More Fish

Something we get asked a lot about is how to store your fish – how long will it keep in the fridge? When do I put it in the freezer? Making sure you store your seafood correctly massively helps in reducing food waste. 33% of all food produced globally is lost or...

Salmon Curry with Coconut Rice

  By combining fresh Ish Fish salmon and cooling coconut rice with madras powder, ginger, garlic, coriander seeds and chillies, The Lincolnshire Chef has created a new dinnertime favourite packed with flavour. Ingredients 2 salmon fillets, cut into chunks 2...

Introducing our new Ish Fish Boxes

Let's take you back all the way to June 2018. We were in the early days of a glorious summer, the World Cup kicked off, and it was anchors aweigh for We knew we wanted to make getting fish fresh from the docks to your door as easy as possible, and this is...

How to reuse and recycle Ish Fish packaging

Just like so many other people, we’ve been seriously touched by the efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging. We care for the sea, we care for the environment, and we want our fish stocks to remain healthy and plentiful in clean seas...

Cod & Chorizo Stew

  This recipe from The Lincolnshire Chef will fill you with heart-warming, tasty goodness - just what you need in the colder months. The meatiness of the freshly-caught cod goes brilliantly with the rich, smoky flavour of the chorizo. Serve with greens and soft,...


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