A Brief Ishtory

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Ish News

It’s been 10 days since Ish Fish hit the water, and what a mad few days it’s been. Our online shop – where you can buy fresh fish by the box or subscribe for monthly deliveries – is now live, our pal The Lincolnshire Chef has created some brilliant recipes for us, and we’re getting ready to reach a pretty big milestone over on our Instagram. We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us so far in our journey, helping us to get Ish Fish up and swimming.

The Story So Far

Garry and Joel of Ish Fish, order fish online

Our story began back in February in Vietnam, when Joel and Garry were over in Ho Chi Minh city for a bit of business. One morning, over some good food and drink, they started chatting about seafood, why people should be eating more of it, and how they could get fresh Grimsby fish to more people. The ideas started flowing and Ish Fish was created – a website where people across the UK could easily order fresh, quality seafood with super speedy delivery.


Cracking on with business

When they got back, the hard work began. Because both Garry and Joel have their own ties to Grimsby’s historic fishing industry, they knew exactly who to reach out to – like-minded merchants who are trusted, responsible, and believe in keeping fish stocks as healthy and plentiful as possible.

Next came the packaging. It’s massively important to us that the packaging we use is environmentally friendly, so we choose boxes that are 100% recyclable – dead easy to break down and throw into your recycling bin. Plus, they look smart AF too. To keep your order chilled, we use Woolcool and their 100% natural felted sheep’s wool as an insulated fleece liner. It’s reusable, recyclable and completely sustainable.

Then came online. This is a huge part of the Ish Fish experience, so it’s massively important we get this right – a website that’s easy to use and looks just as good. We brought in Daniel Codd (yep, a web developer with a fish for a name) to design and build a slick online shop. While that was underway, we cracked on with the social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We set ourselves a goal of Friday 1st June, which just so happened to be National Fish and Chip Day – perfect. It had been weeks of prep, anticipation and excitement, and we were so happy to see ishfish.uk go live!


What’s next?

We’re already working on our next update, which we’re reeling out on Monday 18th June – be sure to keep an eye out for that. You’ll be seeing a lot more on the Ish Fish blog, including news and updates from the team, a recipe of the month from The Lincolnshire Chef, and features. And of course, not forgetting the Ish Fish Weekly News with everyone’s favourite host, Josh Thompson.

Thanks again everyone, and keep in touch!