Fish the Kids will Love this Summer

Jul 22, 2019 | Features, Fish

What are you doing for the kids’ meal tonight? During the school summer holidays, when you have lots of days out and fun activities planned, reaching for the treats can seem like the easiest option. But this could be the perfect time to get the family experimenting in the kitchen and introducing new foods to mealtimes.

So, we’ve rounded up a selection of tasty, fresh fish we think your kids will love. Keeping them fuelled up with healthy, quality protein for all their summertime adventures.

Kid-friendly fish for the school summer holidays



Haddock is always a family favourite fish. Its flaky texture is great for fishfingers and fishcakes, which are super easy for children to make themselves (with parent supervision, of course!) Making food from scratch helps children to understand what goes into their meals, and it keeps them entertained too.


If the kids are used to tinned tuna, give a tuna steak a try. It’s a meaty fish that grills beautifully, especially on the barbeque. Add extra flavour with a marinade and add it to wraps with a refreshing green salad for a picnic lunch in the garden.


If you want your children to start eating more fish, salmon’s delicate flavour and flaky texture makes it a great way to introduce more seafood into their diet. And, it’s rich in Omega-3, which means it helps to boost brain development too.

Fish Pie.

It’s not just for winter. An Ish Fish pie mix of tasty cod, salmon and haddock with a light sauce and creamy potato topping make a filling dinner to keep the kids full of energy for all their adventures. Serve with lots of seasonal greens.

The Family Box

The Ish Fish Family Box

You’ll find family favourites in the Ish Fish Family box. Each piece is filleted, portioned, and vacuum-packed so you can easily store your fish in the fridge or freezer, retaining freshness and quality until you’re ready to get cooking.

In the box, you’ll get: 4 cod portions, 4 salmon portions, 2 sea bass fillets, 2 haddock fillets, 2 smoked haddock portions, and a 160g pack of sliced smoked salmon.

While you’re in the Ish Market, add any extras, like tuna, before you checkout. If you have any questions or would like any recipes, get in touch. We’re always happy to help.