Fish to Eat in March

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Fish

You’ll find all kinds of brilliant seafood species in season in March. It’s the month for embracing spring-like dishes, fish that is light, tasty, and super simple to prepare. In this blog, Ish Fish recommends five fish to eat in March.


Quick and easy fish to pan fry.

Dinner times don’t need to take a lot of work. Sometimes all you need for a fast, healthy meal is to pan-fry meaty, flavourful fillets of fish. Seafood that cooks quickly and easily in a shallow pan – we’re talking minutes. That’s it.

Leave the skin on to help keep the fish together, season, and cook the fillets in the hot pan until the skin is good and crispy and the meat is soft and flaky. Seafood pan-fries beautifully!


Give these seafood species a try…

Pollock: If Cod is one of your favourite fish, pollock is a mild, meaty white fish that is very close in flavour and texture. Fry skin side down to begin and then turn the fillets over to cook through.

Halibut: You only need delicate flavours when serving up Halibut, a meaty fish that’s protein-packed with a bold, natural taste. Lightly season with salt and pepper before frying over a medium heat.

Salmon: Pan fry salmon for a golden, crispy skin and a flaky flesh. For added flavour, try this parmesan and herb crust which takes just a couple of minutes to prepare.

Tuna: Tuna steaks are perfect for searing in a pan. All you need is a little oil, seasoning, and a couple of minutes for frying each side – depending on the thickness of the tuna steak.

Turbot: This fish has a firm texture and bold flavour, just like halibut. Pan fry until the skin is golden and crispy, and then use the juices in the pan (or a little added butter) to coat the fillet and cook through.

Halibut recipe to get you cooking more fish at home

Halibut with Moules Mariniere

This halibut recipe by the Lincolnshire Chef is sure to impress any seafood lover –  pan-fried meaty fish teamed with delicate mussels, crushed new potatoes and a whole lot of flavour.

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