Fish to eat in October

by | Oct 1, 2019

We’re embracing the fish of the season. Meaty portions of freshly-landed cod cooked in a rich, smoky chorizo stew, and your favourite white and smoked fish in a creamy, warming Ish Fish Pie. Autumn is all about delicious, comforting dishes full of seafood goodness.

In October, these are some of the best quality, in-season seafood that we’ll be eating over and over again.

Dover Sole: A flatfish that has a meaty texture and firm meat, but a delicate flavour. Keep it simple and by roasting or pan-frying.

Plaice: This flatfish has a sweet flavour and cooks very quickly – you only need around 5 minutes to grill, fry, or poach. Make sure your Plaice is sustainably sourced.

Crab: Crab meat is sweet, succulent, and delicious. We love it with pasta and as quick-and-easy crab cakes.

Hake: Hake is mild in flavour with a great meaty, flaky texture, just like Halibut and Cod. Perfect for those new to seafood.

Cod: This cold-water fish thrives as the seas around the UK become cooler, so stocks are plentiful around Autumn and Winter.

Recipes to try

Cod & Chorizo Stew

This recipe will fill you with heart-warming, tasty goodness – just what you need in the colder months. The meatiness of the freshly-caught cod goes brilliantly with the rich, smoky flavour of the chorizo.

Dressed Crab Salad

Crab is not only a good natural source of Omega-3, vitamins and minerals, and low in calories, but it’s also pretty tasty. Try this dressed crab salad with beetroot and minted new potatoes for lunch.