As you know, the UK have given a warm welcome to more than a 100,000 Ukrainians. We are therefore pleased to introduce Nataliia, who is joining us at Ish Fish and has the role of PR and marketing. Nataliia has a masters degree in journalism so we think she will be a great asset to our team!

Throughout my life so far, I have lived in four different cities but I could not call any of them ‘home’. I was born in Romny, a small town in Northern Ukraine and this is where I spent more than half of my life. I often think Grimsby is very similar to Romny but simultaneously, there are many differences. The history of my hometown, Romny, is a chronicle of courage; it was once a fortress and repeatedly destroyed, yet each time it was reborn from ashes like a Phoenix. For some period of time, the town was an important point in industry and culture – just like Grimsby.

As a child, I dreamt of living by the sea, inhaling its aroma and hearing the cries of seagulls. I envied those who had this opportunity. Now here I am, living in a town with a great fishing history and it’s incredible to think Grimsby was once home to the largest fishing port in the world.

However, times have changed and the town lives on. Everyone has their own job in different areas, but people in Grimsby have one thing in common – remembering and honouring history and traditions. One thing I’ve noticed that is very valuable to me, is the fact everyone who lives in Grimsby love their hometown and feelings are unchanged. So my message to the people of Grimsby is to keep loving, caring and building a new history.