Guest post: The go-to fish delivery service for the UK coastline!

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Ish News

*Guest blog post written by Spencer Slater.

When we started our Grimsby-based, sustainable, fresh seafood online fish market, we were expecting to receive orders from towns and cities across the UK – but not necessarily coastal locations.

After all, fresh fish and seafood would be within easy reach and surely the place where the locals would go to?

However, since we launched Ish Fish we have been very pleasantly surprised to welcome customers from places such as Cornwall, Dorset, Exeter, Poole, Hamble, and Tenby, just to name a few. All places that would have easy access to fish markets on their own doorsteps.

To us, the reasons are clear.

You just can’t beat Grimsby for fresh fish. Our fresh fish is better, more nutritious, more ethical and of a higher quality than much of what is available in the UK. And we also like to think that our simple and easy to use delivery service is keeping us ahead of our competitors.

Here are just some of the reasons why customers are turning to Ish Fish…


1. We provide top-quality, highly nutritious fish

Nothing compares to the fresh fish caught directly from the shores of the North East of England.

Local and seasonal, you can be sure that your fish is packed with healthy protein, low in fat and high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Because we deliver directly to you, you don’t need to worry about hidden ingredients or unscrupulous practices. Just great-tasting, nutritious fish all the way!


2. Ethics and sustainability are some of our core philosophies

When you buy from Ish Fish, you can rest assured that your fish is sustainably sourced and backed by highly ethical practices.

This helps ensure that what you’re enjoying for dinner isn’t going to harm the environment or damage local fish stocks.

Unlike many other fish suppliers, we offer complete clarity to our customers so you will know exactly where your fish comes from.


3. Grimsby is world-famous for its fish quality

Grimsby is a town that is world-famous for its fish and produces some of the best quality seafood in the world.

That’s why anyone who knows their fish continues to buy fish from here, even if their own town already has a fish counter.

We’re proud to be from this town and continue to fly the flag for the local industry both here and further afield.

That’s why discerning customers from towns and cities that have their own fish counters are still buying the outstanding fish we offer.


4. Supermarkets closing their fish counters

Finding high-quality fish is more of a struggle than ever with many supermarkets like Tesco and Asda closing their fish counters.

Even where there is a fresh fish counter, much of the fish and seafood available can often be several weeks old and certainly not as fresh, healthy or nutritious as it could be when just caught.

That’s why people across the UK continue to select Ish Fish for the best quality fish around.


5. We care

Unique in the fish industry, we deeply care about our customers and always aim to provide a service that is second to none.

We’re always friendly and helpful and can deliver your nutritious, sustainable fish straight to your door.


Whether you live in a town or city far from the coast, or you’re slap bang in the middle of all the fishing activity, Ish Fish should be your go-to fish delivery service.

Providing friendly and efficient service and healthy and nutritious fish that has been sustainably and locally sourced, you can be proud to order your fresh fish from Ish Fish.

Want to see what all the fuss is about?  Check out our unique fish boxes and options at our online Fish Market.