Guest Post: Why Customers Say that Ish Fish is the Best Fish Delivery Service in the UK

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Ish News

*Guest blog post written by Spencer Slater.

When we started Ish Fish just a couple of years ago, we knew we wanted to provide something different.

We knew that buying high-quality, fresh fish online wasn’t as easy (or as honest) as it should be, so we set out to make a difference.

By combining our unique talents and passions, we set out to create a sustainable, eco-friendly fish delivery service that would help sustain the local Grimsby fishing industry and give customers the best fish they’d ever tasted.

But it wasn’t until we started to receive customer feedback that we realised what we’d manage to achieve. We’d exceeded our own expectations!

Here’s a sample of what our customers say they love the most about our fish delivery service.


 1. “WOW! Your fish is so incredibly fresh!”

Freshness is key when it comes to flavour and nutrition. That’s why we pride ourselves on always delivering freshly caught, never frozen fish.

This comes directly from our trusted fish merchants in Grimsby to our customers across the UK.

Just pick your delivery date (Tues-Fri, following the days of Grimsby’s historic Fish Market), and where you want it delivered to, and we’ll get it sorted for you.


2. “Eco-friendly packaging. Love it! Keep up the good work.”

Like you, we’re passionate about protecting our oceans and minimising the impact that we have on the planet.

That’s why all our fish boxes are made from fully recyclable eco-friendly packaging. Simply pop your fish into your fridge or freezer then collapse the box and pop it into your general recycling.

You can also reuse the 100% naturally insulated wool fleece liner and ice pack however your heart desires! This is how you can reuse and recycle Ish Fish packaging


3. “With fish that looks this good, you can just tell that it’s going to be good for you.”

With Ish Fish you know that you’re getting proper, high-quality local fish that will keep your brains healthy and help you feel fantastic. 

That’s because fish is an excellent source of healthy protein and contains excellent amounts of many of the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. This includes stuff like vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, iodine, copper and Omega-3 fatty acids.


4. “All your fish is sustainably sourced. That’s what clinched the deal for me.”

We love fish. That’s why we know where every bite of your fish comes from and can guarantee that it’s 100% sustainably sourced.

Our trusted fish merchants tell us exactly where, when and how your fish has been caught so we can pass this information on to you.

This means you can continue to enjoy your favourite fish dishes, safe in the knowledge that no unnecessary damage has been done.

For that reason, the content of our boxes depends on the catch of the day.


5. “Everyone gets the right fish delivery box for their needs.”

We know that no two households are alike. That’s why we’ve designed our UK fish delivery service to provide exactly what you need to make eco-friendly, healthy and delicious meals.

Whether you’re just experimenting with fish delivery or you’re a gourmet fish expert, we have an option for you.

 These include:


6. “Delivery is FREE when you spend over £45. Yay!”

That’s right. You only need to spend £45 on our fabulous fish to get your delivery absolutely FREE.

Just choose the right fresh fish box for you and we can do the rest.

As you can see, customers love the fact that we provide fresh, nutritious, eco-friendly and sustainable fish that gets to them fast. Order your own fish box and you’ll find out why.