Boat to Box

Getting freshly caught fish shipped to your door doesn’t have to be a pain in the bass.

Learn How

Plaice Your Order

Choose from one of our boxes or create your own, then just pick your delivery date. Easily and quickly set up a subscription, or simply buy one box at a time.

Your Order is Packed

Our trusted fish merchants fill your box dockside with the freshest catch of the day. Because our fish is sustainable, we may occasionally have to make substitutions.

We use ice packs for premium freshness, and all our packaging is recyclable and reusable.

Shipped to Your Door

Your order will arrive on your selected delivery date. We recommend getting it in the fridge right away, but everything is packaged to last a few hours from the time it was packed.

Then, you can plan, prep and cook tasty meals packed full of seafood goodness.


We promise to be as environmentally friendly as possible so that fish stocks can remain healthy and plentiful. Our seasonal fish is sustainably sourced from our local fish merchants, who we will always support.


When it comes to our packaging, we’re proud to use boxes that are 100% recyclable with award-winning WoolCool insulating fleece liners, which are natural, reusable and sustainable. Even our office is powered by solar.