How to Grill Fish on the Barbeque

by | Aug 12, 2019

Grilling fish on the barbeque adds a whole new depth of flavour to your seafood. Not only does your fish achieve a rich, smoky flavour, but the textures are incredible – light, flaky flesh with a crispy skin. It’s our favourite way to eat fish in the summer months. So good.

And, you’ll find that there are many species that are great for the grill. Meatier fish, like tuna, monkfish, cod or haddock are a tasty, nutritious alternative to steaks and burgers on the barbeque, whereas salmon and sea bass fillets flake like a dream. Then, there’s your whole fish like red mullet and trout which can be stuffed with herbs, lemons, and chillies if you like a little kick to your food.

So, if you fancy switching up your barbeque game, we have some top tips to help you barbeque your seafood.


Top tips for cooking fish on the bbq.

1. Make sure your grill is completely clean – scrape it, wash it, get as much residue off as possible. Because fish can be quite delicate, it can easily stick to the grill which will make cooking your fish harder than it needs to be.

2. Before you start grilling, be generous with your oils. Coat not only the grill (to reduce sticking) but your fish too as this will help to retain moisture as well as add flavour.

3. Leave the skin on your fish as this will hold the fillet together, and always place your fish skin-side-down first. When the middle of the fish begins to cook, carefully flip the fish and leave it to cook through.

4. The cooking time will depend on the thickness of the fish, but as a rough guide we recommend around eight minutes per side for a fillet that is around one inch thick – quick and easy.

5. If you prefer, you can wrap your seasoned fish in a piece of tin foil. This will help to keep the flavours and moisture locked in. Make sure the edges of the foil are wrapped tightly, making a parcel that will allow your fish to steam thoroughly.

6. When the fish is cooked through and ready to be eaten, it should be piping hot and flaky to the touch. Serve with seasonal greens and a classic potato salad – what’s not to love?


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