How to poach haddock

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Fish, Recipes

The Great British public love a good, tasty bit of haddock. It’s the flaky fillets in your fish and chips, the meaty chunks in your fish pie mix, and a brilliant alternative to your usual breakfast food.

Yes – we love haddock for breakfast. While salmon has become a favourite instagrammable brunch of food bloggers, haddock is just as tasty and beneficial to your health. In Joel’s house, there was only one way to have it and that’s poached in a pan of milk. For Garry, poached haddock plays a big part in his fitness regime, starting his day with a meal that’s filling and full of nutritional goodness.


But why should we eat haddock for breakfast?

As with most fish, haddock is a great source of top-quality protein, which means it can help you to feel fuller for longer. Have a portion of smoked haddock on toast with scrambled eggs, and your appetite could be curbed until lunchtime. It’s also significantly low in fat compared to other red and processed meats you might eat for breakfast, like sausages and bacon.

Haddock is in season most of the year, but it thrives throughout the colder months. It’s a cold-water fish and the cooler temperatures make its flesh firmer, giving a great texture and flavour.


Why poach haddock?

Haddock is loved for its flaky texture, which is only enhanced when gently poached. Milk brings out the natural sweetness of the meat, and you can add herbs like thyme, parsley, and black pepper for additional flavour.

Poaching fish takes literally minutes – we’d suggest around 10 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the portion. So, you can easily fit into your busy morning routine.


How to poach your haddock

If you don’t have a Joel to cook it at home, this is how to poach your smoked haddock in milk.


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If you haven’t got a Joel at home to do it 🏠 Follow these easy steps for our amazing Smoked Haddock 🐟

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Top tips

  • Make sure there’s enough milk in the pan to cover just over half the piece of fish, at least.
  • Bring the milk to a gentle simmer. If you boil the milk, it could overcook the fish and breakaway into small pieces.
  • Don’t throw away your milk! Use it to make a white sauce that’s packed with your haddock’s natural flavour.

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