Introducing our new Ish Fish Boxes

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Fish, Ish News

Let’s take you back all the way to June 2018. We were in the early days of a glorious summer, the World Cup kicked off, and it was anchors aweigh for

We knew we wanted to make getting fish fresh from the docks to your door as easy as possible, and this is still our mission today. Making sure you receive the fish you want to eat, prepared and packaged into ready-to-use portions, with enough variety to feed you, friends and families for a good few mealtimes – that’s what we do.

To make sure we’re getting this right, we listen to everything that you tell us, from ordering through to delivery. When your Cast Your Own Net orders come in, we see that there are three fish you just can’t get enough of – salmon, haddock, and cod.

So, we’ve introduced two brand new Ish Fish boxes that are packed with your favourites. Let us introduce you to…


The Ish Fish Essentials Box

Ish Fish family box - order haddock, cod and salmon online to be delivered to your door.

Filled with six portions of haddock, salmon, cod, and a pack of smoked salmon slices. Each piece of fish is portioned, meaning you can take your fish straight from the fridge or freezer and get cooking. No messing. With this box, you have enough fish for around six meals, plus a pack of smoked salmon for any breakfasts and brunches.






The Ish Fish Family Box

The Ish Fish family box - order cod, haddock and salmon online to be delivered to your home.

This box is packed! You get a combination of portions and fillets, with the fillets making around two to three portions themselves. As well as Cod, Haddock and Salmon, with this box you get smoked haddock, sea bass, and a pack of smoked salmon. Basically, you’re getting enough fish for around 14 meals! Just like the Essentials, each piece of fish is vacuum packed ready to pop in the fridge or freezer.





Fish Recipe Ideas

What’s great about haddock, salmon, and cod is that they’re so versatile. You can bake them in the oven, pan fry, or poach. You’ve got to love a milk-poached smoked haddock for breakfast. With the colder months creeping in, the meatiness of cod makes a great, filling fish for a warming, smoky cod and chorizo stew, or use seasonal veg to update this recipe for sea bass parcels. Head on over to IGTV for Joel’s recipe for smoked salmon canapes – something for your festive parties.

You’ll find more info about our boxes, our fish, and our deliveries over on our FAQs, and you can always get in touch if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.