A while back, I received a letter from the school my children go to stating there will be no fish fillets or fish cakes available on the menu, only fish fingers and this is due to supply issues.

For me, it’s unbelievable to hear that in a town famous for its fishing heritage and cold stores full of nutritional fish, we cannot supply our children with a protein-packed meal. I’m going to be blunt here – the school run for me has now gotten out of control with the amount of obese children I see.

According to government statistics, apparently 14.4% of reception-age children (4-5yrs) are obese, with a further 13.3% overweight but I feel the numbers are far, far higher than this. Yet even so, based on these numbers, we are still being told one of the best meals of the week is unavailable because a Surrey based company cannot get fish to a school in Grimsby, the fish capital of the UK.

As you can imagine, this ticked me off, but I thought I’d give our council a chance and send them a friendly email regarding how we could help. My email seemed to be passed on and on until nothing came of it, so I tried again and similarly, hit a dead end. Through sailing, I work for some of the most prominent and influential people in the world and always get a reply… Are the Grimsby Council too busy or just not that bothered?

I received an overwhelming response when I brought this issue to the attention of social media, with everyone saying it’s terrible, ‘that’s the way it is’ or ‘there’s not much you can do about it’. Well, watch this space because I think there is, and I’m going to make some people listen because the future is not looking bright for a lot of children if no change is made!