I think we all know someone who has been affected by this problem. I have actually lost a few friends due to suicide, and unbelievably, it is the biggest killer in men under the age of 40.

A while ago, I was asked to be an ambassador for The Westerly Club. This is a communal group for men where they can find support and advice, have a safe space to talk and be heard. We have seen some great progression and results from men who attend the sessions or completing a programme. See more about the club here – https://fortistherapy.co.uk/thewesterlyclub/

Myself and the other ambassadors are by no means experts on the mental health subject but what I’ve learnt is, by just lending an ear, trying to raise the spirits and having a chat (which is something I’m told I’m good at, ha) can definitely help a little!

The one thing I do try to push is eating well as this small factor can have a positive effect on your sense of wellbeing and mood. Your brain needs fatty acids such as omega-3 to keep it working well and fish is a great choice. We have over 30 recipes on our website if you’re stuck on how to cook your fish or what to cook it with!

So, lets all try that little bit harder this week to help someone who could be struggling and give them the support they need. Don’t forget, you’re not alone and the Ish Fish team are always here to talk.

Have a great week,


Helpful websites to visit if you or someone you know is in need of some support: