It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but I usually wait until I have something interesting to say – ha! 

Around six weeks ago, we sent out an email asking how we could make Ish Fish better and what you would like to see to improve our service. The response was terrific, and we cannot thank you enough for taking time out and giving us so much information. It took Rebecca and I a whole week to go through them all!

We found that people loved the system, but we could make Ish Fish bigger and better by making a few tweaks. So, we set to work on the major points and what we see today is the ideas being put into practice with our brand new look website. 

I worked closely with our web designer Daniel Codd, who happens to be my brother in law (We keep in tight in Grimsby ). Also, he’s scared of his sister, so he has to do a good job…Joking aside, he’s a talented lad, and as you will see, he’s done a fantastic job. 

Here are a few words from Daniel on the design: 

“When coming up with the new layout for the website, I kept one thing in mind, how can we get you the customer, to your fish quicker and easier? The previous system had a couple too many steps to it and we knew we could streamline this to make for a better experience. So with that in mind, we put one-click-to-basket products everywhere we thought you would want them. For example, if you are reading a recipe that requires Salmon, then you can add Salmon to your basket right there from that recipe page. This combined with a few other tweaks such as removing the need to select a ‘box’ before you see the fish, is going to make for a no fuss journey to your delivery. We have worked hard and your feedback has been invaluable. I hope you enjoy using the website as much as I did putting it together.”

So I hope you enjoy the new look, and it’s your feedback that helps us grow and become a better company. 

We have big plans for this small Grimsby company, so watch this space.