2 x 130g portions of skinned whiting
250g x arborio rice
1 x large shallot (halved and sliced)
2 x garlic cloves (finely chopped)
10 x cherry tomato’s (halved)
10 x whole cherry tomato’s
100g x petit pois
50ml x white wine
1 x vegetable stock pot
250ml x Passata
30g x cubed salted butter
2tbsp x finely grated pecorino
Salt and pepper

  • put your stock pot into a jug
  • add 200ml boiling water and stir
  • heat a medium sized saucepan on high heat
  • add a splash of vegetable oil
  • add your shallots and garlic and cook until softened
  • add your white wine
  • reduce by half
  • turn down to a medium heat
  • add your rice and stir
  • gradually add your stock to the rice continuously stirring
  • add the Passata and halved cherry tomato’s
  • continue to stir and cook on a medium heat
  • this whole process should take about 20 minutes
  • remove from the heat and add your petit pois and stir
  • season with salt and pepper
  • for the fish place a medium sized frying pan on a high heat with a splash of vegetable oil
  • season the fish with salt and pepper and carefully place in the frying pan
  • cook for 2 minutes then turn the fish
  • add your whole cherry tomato’s and your butter and cook for a further 2 minutes continuously spooning the butter over the fish
  • evenly serve the risotto between two pasta bowls, carefully lay the fish on top and spoon on the whole cherry tomato’s
  • sprinkle over a little pecorino and serve