Postman Pat And His Line-Caught Haddock: Why I Would Happily Recommend You Give Ish Fish A Go

by | Jun 17, 2019

Guest Post by Glenn Fisher


You want to send me fish in the post?

“Yeah, it’s what we do, Glenn.”

Fish? In the post?

At this point, I’m thinking my friend Garry has gone mad.

“You’ll see,” he says. “I’ll send you a box out today.”

The next day, a large black box is delivered to my house.

As boxes go, it’s pretty nice. A soft-corrugation, jet-black, and a nice sharp-white logo on the top that reads…

 Ish Fish: Boat to Box.

The box bit makes sense.

The boat bit? Well, we’ll see…

I take the box into the kitchen. Ruth and I gather around it, excited like it’s Christmas in June. Our dog Pablo keeps jumping up to get a look – he senses what’s inside.

As we open the top and its contents are revealed from beneath a cool, soft sheet of insulating wool, we both exclaim:



 The name’s Fisher, but don’t ask me about fish.

Considering my surname is Fisher…

And considering I was born and raised in Grimsby, with its proud heritage of fishing…

I’ll be straight…

I’m crap when it comes to fish.

I can barely recognise the difference between whale and whitebait.

So when Garry Bainbridge, co-founder (along with Joel Creasey) of Grimsby-based Ish Fish got in touch to ask me to write-up my thoughts on their product – I was a bit worried.

Not to mention I have the taste palate of a spoilt five-year-old child.

I mean, my general culinary review approach has three options:

1. Ugh, that’s gross.

2. Yeah, that’s acceptable.

Or, very rarely…

3. Actually, that’s quite nice.

Thankfully, my partner Ruth is far more mature and knows good food when she tastes it.

So, together then we delve into our box of fish to see what all the Ish Fish fuss is about.


Four Fabulously Fishy Meals Later

Before I get to the fish itself…

A word on the whole ‘fish-in-the-post’ deal.

To our surprise:

It works.

I won’t pretend to understand the science behind it, but the amazing insulating sheet of wool keeps the fish fresh and cool inside the box itself, helped along by some reusable ice packs.

The vacuum packed fish was as perfect as I’d imagine you’d see coming off the boat, hence the boat to box claim.

Of course, as we couldn’t possibly eat the obscene amount of fish we found inside, we were able to freeze some of it and enjoy it just as fresh all through the week.

It’s also worth pointing out for all those worried about the imminent destruction of our eco-system: everything about the packaging is recyclable or reusable, which is a relief.

Garry and Joel have obviously put a lot of thought into the whole Ish Fish venture and it shows.

But what about the fish itself?

Is there a noticeable difference to the piles of cheap basa fillets you find in the supermarket aisle?


Four Fabulously Fishy Meals Later

A couple of bites into our first meal, and I was sold with my top rating of:

“Actually, that’s quite nice.”

Ruth was more moving about it, pointing out very happily and even with a swear to back up hear point:

 “That’s really —-ing good.”

We got the Essential Box, which contained two raw salmon fillets, a hearty portion of smoked salmon, two massive cod portions and two even more massive haddock portions.

We started with the salmon, pan-fried in a little butter, lightly seasoned and served with potatoes and broccoli.

It was great.

Next up with went with the smoked salmon. We served this with some rice, a little soy, some greens, and a few chilli flakes.

Again, it was bloody good.

After initially freezing the haddock and cod, we paced it out over the week.

One night I substituted the chicken I would normally use in a Red Thai Curry with the cod.

It seemed to elevate the whole meal to another level. And because the fish was such good quality it held together, only flaking under the pressure of the chopstick as you ate.

The haddock we shallow fried in a little homemade batter and accompanied with a naughty bag of chips from the local chippy.

Needless to say, it was ace.

All in all, across the board the quality was ‘bang on’, as they say.


Better Value Than You’d Think

On the face of it, I think you’d maybe look at the prices of the different boxes and think it’s quite expensive.

I get that.

But there are two things to remember here:

Number one is the fact that you’re paying for quality here. It’s clear this is coming straight of the boat. The providence of the fish is there on the packaging and even someone with my immature dietary habits can taste the difference.

But you’ve also got to think…

We got four proper meals out of our box AND we had leftovers from most of the meals, which made for a much more interesting packed lunch the next day. Ruth tells me the Thai Red Cod Curry was the envy of the staff room the next day.

So, I think the maths add up pretty good.

Bottom line:

I’m a fan.

I’ll be honest: I thought it was a bit of a push when I first heard what Garry and Joel were doing. Fish in the post? But having experienced for myself I can very clearly see where the benefits are.

So, if you like good food…

If you want to eat a bit healthier, without comprising on taste…

And if you want to be sure you’re using the very best, locally sourced ingredients…

I’d happily recommend you give Ish Fish a go.

The only downside is it’s all so nice, there won’t be any left over for the dog. Pablo is still trying to figure out how to order his own box.


A huge thank you to best selling author, copywriter, and our mate, Glenn Fisher, for the brilliant review and for writing this guest blog post for us. You can order Glenn’s book, The Art of the Click, on Amazon.