I don’t usually write a blog unless I have some good news or if something is bothering me. This is the latter! I don’t want to go over too much old ground regarding Coronavirus as we are all trying to move on from it, but I still find it amazing how the government are not trying to push a healthier lifestyle with all the stats on the epidemic, particularly obesity. So, working on the prevention indeed makes sense.

“In the UK, a report flags that out 10,465 patients critically ill with confirmed COVID-19, 73.7% were living overweight or with obesity” (World Obesity, 2020).

Prices are constantly rocketing in every sector and healthy food is always taking the sharp end of the rises. Seafood, for one, is seeing record prices at the moment with a mixture of Brexit, Covid-19 and fuel prices therefore, creating the perfect storm.

I know people have to take responsibility for themselves, but will the prices go up in McDonalds, KFC or Burger King? I think not. The unhealthiest food is staying low whilst everything else is increasing, wouldn’t it make sense for the government to step in and come up with a plan to make it more affordable for people to eat healthier, nutritional food?

It’s not an easy fix that’s for sure. However, I believe it is something we all need to think about and as my old man used to say, – “If you’re healthy, you’re wealthy”.

Have a great week,