Family Fish Box

The Ish Fish Family Box is packed with a variety of the freshest, sustainably sourced, best quality seafood available quayside on the day of your delivery. Our trusted merchants carefully select oily, white and flatfish that is perfect for creating flavour-packed, nutritious meals.

Family Box typically includes:
4 Cod portions (gadus morhua)
4 Salmon portions (salmo salar)
2 Seabass fillets (dicentrarchus labrax)
2 Haddock fillets (melanogrammus aeglefinus)
2 Yellow smoked Haddock portions (melanogrammus aeglefinus)
200g pack of sliced smoked Salmon (salmo salar)
500g pie mix of white fish, smoked fish, and Salmon

Cooking fish may be intimidating, let us help. Checkout these recipes:
Coconut, Cod and Spinach Ruby Murry
Salmon curry with coconut rice
Natural smoked haddock, tomato, chorizo & spinach
Brenda’s Ish Fish Pie Recipe

You can freeze the fish in this box to lock in the freshness.