Smoked Fish Box

This is the box for the true fish lover who enjoys a delicious smokey flavour. Traditional smoked fish from the smokehouses of Grimsby docks. Each piece of fish is sustainable sourced and has been expertly prepared by trusted fish merchants.

The Smoked Fish Box will typically contain:
4 Natural Smoked Haddock portions (melanogrammus aeglefinus)
4 Hot Smoked Mackerel portions (scomber)
1 Pack of sliced smoked Salmon (salmo salar)

Cooking fish may be intimidating, let us help. Checkout these recipes:
Hot smoked mackerel-sweet chilli, onion and tomato chutney & toasted ciabatta
Natural smoked haddock, tomato, chorizo & spinach

You can freeze the fish in this box to lock in the freshness.