How to reuse and recycle Ish Fish packaging

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Sustainability

Just like so many other people, we’ve been seriously touched by the efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging. We care for the sea, we care for the environment, and we want our fish stocks to remain healthy and plentiful in clean seas and oceans.

When we started Ish Fish, we knew we wanted our businesses to be as sustainable as possible, and there are several ways we do this.

  1. An HQ that is powered by renewable solar power and so close to the Port of Grimsby, lowering our carbon footprint.
  2. Working closely with trusted, responsible merchants who take great care when sustainably sourcing seasonal seafood fresh from the Market.
  3. Using waste-conscious packaging whenever possible.

How is your packaging recyclable?

Let’s start with the Ish Fish boxes. Not only do they look smart AF with their matt black finish, but they’re 100% recyclable. So, once you’ve unpacked your delivery you can break down your box and pop in your recycling bin or take it to your nearest recycling point.

When you open your Ish Fish Box, you’ll see our Woolcool insulated packaging, made from 100% wool fleece lining and a recyclable bag. The wool is compostable and biodegradable and can be used for other things like insulating plant beds to protect seeds and roots in the winter, or as lining for bird nests in the garden.

Then, you’ll find ice packs which keep your fish chilled for as long as possible. Once you’ve unboxed your order, you can put your ice packs back in the freezer and use them again and again.


How do you recycle and reuse your packaging?

Let’s start with the Ish Fish boxes, it’s this easy…


 For ideas on what to do with your Woolcool liners, follow @woolcool on Instagram and the hashtag #letsboxclever.

And for your ice packs…


If you have any questions about our packaging, send us a message – we’re always happy to help!