2 x plaice fillets (cut into fingers)
200ml x beer/larger
225g x sr flour
2tbsp x smoked paprika
Sweet chilli sauce

  • set your fryer to 190*c
  • add 200g flour to bowl
  • slowly pour in your beer while whisking
  • continue to whisk until silky smooth
  • whisk in your paprika and 1 tsp salt
  • add 25g flour to a bowl or plate
  • individual dust each goujon
  • dip your goujons into the batter letting any excess drip off and place straight into the fryer
  • fry until both sides are a golden yellow (about 2 minutes)
  • lift out of the fryer and place on resting rack or kitchen roll to let ant excess oil drip off.
  • dust with a little smoked paprika and salt
  • serve with sweet chilli dipping sauce