I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown more and more disgruntled with the big corporate companies and their lack of empathy for their customers over the last few months. From travelling and playing the roulette – for instance, flights being cancelled without any warning to having to wait three hours for my bag at Manchester Airport which they also lost on the way out (don’t get me started). I do understand it has been tough for the airlines but we are now having to pay double the amount for tickets and there is no explanation as to why it all went wrong, so badly!

The energy companies who bought gas at radically high prices and locked them in are now affecting the whole country due to their stupidity. The internet provider we use once told us we have the best possible package with the fastest router and are now ringing me saying it’s no good and I need to pay more to get it up to speed. Major food chains cannot clean the restaurants when busy and the bins are overflowed – no one can even clean up after themselves anymore! In conclusion, all are putting their prices up whilst offering a poorer service!

This is one of the reasons we came up with the F-off to inflation box as we want to try give a little back to our customers with the best deals we can find. If we ran Ish Fish the way most of these companies run their operation, I’m sure we would be gone within a few months. Small businesses in the UK make up to 99.2 of all companies and are the backbone of the UK.

Many conglomerates could learn a thing or two from these people in todays world.

Have a great week!