This week, I received an interesting call from a great customer at Ish Fish who had suffered a heart attack around a month ago, (thankfully he pulled through!) but he particularly wanted to share with me what the doctor had said to him.

A few years ago, he started to make changes to his diet and eat healthier… The doctor said to him “that small lifestyle change you made has probably saved your life”. The customer wanted to thank Ish Fish as he had started including a lot of seafood in his diet since making the change and thought that played a factor.

I do not take credit for this as we are a business, and we are providing a service however, it did get me thinking about how we spend our money because how could you put a price on something like health? In this crazy time when prices are soaring, I wonder if it’s not how you spend your money but what you spend it on?

I subscribe to a vitamin drink called Athletic Greens, which is around £80.00 a month and my wife thinks I’m nuts! The way I justify it to myself was five years ago; that money would’ve been spent on a night out, which I rarely do anymore as 1. It makes me feel good and 2. I can wake up without a headache the following morning.

Health for me is one thing I won’t and will never, cut back on.

Get well soon Chris.