What is the most popular fish to eat in the UK?

by | Jun 10, 2019

We know there are LOT of seafood lovers out there. People who enjoy a seared tuna salad for lunch followed by a hearty herb-crusted salmon for dinner with the family. Joel and I love hearing about the Ish Fish meals you’re cooking up, but we were curious… what is your favourite fish to eat? And just how often do you eat fish?

It’s recommended that we all eat seafood at least twice a week, but are we? 

So, with the help of our friends at Knapton Wright, we went straight to Facebook to ask you directly. The results are in and… 

Salmon has been voted the most favourite fish to eat in the UK with almost half of people eating seafood the recommended twice a week!

Over 3,000 of you took part in our nationwide Facebook survey, finding that 24% of participants loved to eat Salmon, with Sea Bass and Haddock swimming closely behind with 21% and 20%, respectively – you all have excellent taste. 👌

When asked how often they ate fish, a huge 45% said they get their recommended amount and enjoyed two portions a week. 36% of people surveyed eat fish once a week, with 18% eating fish three or more times – that’s what we like to hear!


Here’s the breakdown…

3,004 people from across the UK took part in the Facebook survey between 4th and 18th February 2019:

·         Favourite fish: Salmon (24.3%), Sea Bass (21.6%), Haddock (20.3%), Cod (17.2%), Halibut (9.8%), Tuna (6.7%).

·         How often do you eat fish per week?: Once (36.2%), Twice (45.4%) Three or more (18.4%)


Of course, Salmon was always going to be one of the most popular fish, but we love to see so many of you loving Sea Bass. It’s a tasty, meaty fish and definitely one to try for those of you who enjoy a bit of haddock and cod. 

For ideas on how to include more seafood in your diet, take a look at the Ish Fish recipe on YouTube and our blog. Remember, always feel free to send me an email too – garry@ishfish.uk.

Keep sharing your favourite Ish Fish meals with us over on Facebook and Instagram too (@ishfishuk) and we’ll give them a share.