Why is Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish so good?

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Features

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a hearty fillet of smoked fish. A good piece of cod, salmon or haddock that has that much-loved, distinctive flavour.

Well, you can’t get more authentic than Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish. Seafood that’s smoked in historic smokehouses on the Port of Grimsby using the traditional method. It has a PGI status, so you know you can only get the real deal from our hometown. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it then you must – it’s a quality all of its own.

Producers have been passing down their expertise from generation to generation, having the entire process down to a fine art. We paid a visit to one of our trusted suppliers down on the Docks to have a quick tour of their very own 100-year-old smokehouse – you may have seen this on our Instagram Stories

Ish Fish - Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish
Ish Fish - Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish

Getting that smoky flavour

The first step is to soak the filleted fish in a brine made from all natural ingredients. Haddock is usually soaked in a clear brine, whereas a yellow brine is used for Cod. This gives the fish that old-school yellow tint, just like Grandad used to bring home from the Market.

Ish Fish - Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish

Next, the fish is chilled until it’s ready to be smoked overnight.

Ish Fish - Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish

Each fillet is hung in a tall brick chimney (that can be up to 10m high!) and sawdust is placed in the bottom of the kiln to really give that earthy taste. The fish either has a cold smoke, which simply adds the flavour, or a hot smoke, which cooks as well as smokes.

Smoked Ish Fish

You’ll find pieces of smoked fish in each of our Ish Fish boxes – Smoked Haddock, Sliced Smoked Salmon and within our Pie Mix – plus much more when you pick and mix your seafood with the Cast Your Own Net box.

We’d like to say a massive thank you again to our kind suppliers for inviting us!