Why salmon’s so good for your diet

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Features, Health

Seafish has some pretty fascinating facts and stats about seafood habits in the UK. Did you know that 72% of UK adults do not know they should be eating two portions of fish a week? 72%!

Typically, they only eat one portion a week, and they do so because they “try to have a balanced diet”. However, when they were told of the “multitude of health benefits of fish, 66% of UK adults agree that they are encouraged to eat more fish than they already do and 78% agree that they feel encouraged to specifically eat two portions of fish a week.”

And this is exactly what we like to hear! People taking a chance on fish.

When it comes to eating seafood in the UK, there is one species that always makes it into the top 10. And that, Ishermen, is salmon.

Those pinky, fleshy fillets that taste so good when baked, smoked or grilled can do wonders when it’s made a part of your diet. Here’s why…


Not only is salmon a good source of lean protein (a body builder’s staple), but it’s also packed with potassium – both of which help with building and repairing muscles. It also has anti-inflammatory properties too, meaning it’s pretty great for your joints and improving recoveries.

Heart Health

One of the reasons why salmon is so popular? It’s high levels of Omega-3. This essential fatty acid can help in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease. It also has some other qualities…

Brain Food

Almost 60% of your brain is fat, with much containing Omega-3. Fuel your body and your brain with this oily fish, as it has been suggested that it may help with brain functions, potentially reducing memory problems later on in life.


We’ve already covered heart disease, but eating salmon regularly can boost your immune system too. The fish is dense with vitamins and minerals including Selenium and Vitamins A and D, assisting the system in functioning from day-to-day.

Your Eyes

Another benefit of that wonder nutrient, Omega-3. Its oils can keep eyes healthy and looking bright. Thanks to salmon’s Vitamin A, your night vision may be boosted too.

The Skin

Collagen in the skin needs protein to help it repair and keep it firm and flexible. And where can you get this protein from? Salmon’s rich Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Out of the two portions of fish you should be eating per week, one should be oily – and with benefits like this, it’s easy to see why. We like to think of salmon as a bit of a superfood…

Find out more about the health benefits of seafood at seafish.org.